Private Banks and Private Banking

Are you considering private banking? Are you in the process of selecting a private bank? Have you never worked with a private bank before? Or are you dissatisfied with your current private bank? This website is dedicated to everything you need to consider when selecting a(nother) private bank and to all the characteristics of a bank you nowadays have to pay attention to in order to safeguard your assets.

Selecting a private bank

Using a private bank can be considered for numerous reasons, but selecting the safest and best private bank is not easy. Of course the quality of the services provided to you needs to be outstanding, but it is even more important that the basic pillars of safety, security and financial stability (Tier 1 capitalization) are in place. In addition, the bank needs to be located in a safe and stable jurisdiction and the bank needs to employ experienced and well-educated staff.

Safeguarding you assets

There are many ways to lose your wealth and losing it often happens quite suddenly. Most of the reasons why wealthy persons lose their wealth are completely outside of their control, too. Banking with the wrong bank is one of those reasons. It is therefore important to carefully consider your needs, do in-depth research / conduct due diligence on the bank and think beyond the obvious before selecting a (new) safe and best private bank.

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